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DWX is the only AI platform of its kind purpose-built for automating search marketing processes and unlock your organic growth.

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The future of the Internet demands a new, more agile kind of websites. Let's get started today!

Meet the DWX Stack

Combinable and flexible AI tools that expand your web reach


DWX Hydra

Close the gap between your site and your competitors through the dynamic generation of new organic landing pages; with a unique testing and validation methodology, NLP scoring and performance optimization.

DWX Icarus

DWX Icarus is an internal link balancer. It mixes the performance data collected from each URL and the internal link structure to determine whether or not, a URL could rank to the first page by receiving more inlinks, or if a URL is over-linked and the internal link juice can be redistributed; using built-in testing and validation AI.


DWX Aix interprets your product catalogue to generate the product content that your users need to solve their necessity. DWX Aix generates product text in Natural Language using three different layers of complexity to bring the user the information, charts and comparisons he needs.

DWX Metis

DWX Metis mixes custom segmentation data with the log files to optimise the crawl budget management by identifying and disallowing segments dynamically with no traffic opportunity and high crawl budget spend; allowing Google-bot to focus on areas with more potential.

DWX Crawler

Analyse your site's structure like never before with DWX Crawler. It provides you with a segmented understanding (page type, vertical...), on which are the successful elements that unlock your traffic; Which click depth does my URLs stop ranking? How deep is a category compared to another? How many internal links does a URL with a specific structure need to reach organic traffic? (...) With DWX Crawler, you'll have new questions, but this time with data to answer.

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This guide was written to help growth marketers understand how DWX and AI can help them drive more traffic, automate processes, scale efficiently and capitalise on new opportunities quickly.

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How it works

Artificial Intelligence

DWX uses AI for every decision it makes; learning from his results a specific scenario, and improving his behaviour on every run.
The implementation of DWX at your site will be hassle-free. Using our API rest, your site will be able to retrieve the data and embed it on your site's structure, without affecting the normal user experience.
Deploy your way, cloud, on-premise or Kubernetes. Wherever your traffic takes you, we'll be there.
There's a skeleton on every site too; DWX processes and decision matrix can be adapted to every situation, site structure or result expected to boost the performance.
DWX is easily integrated into the necessary data sources. We'll provide a detailed guide to run through the process in about 15 minutes (promise!).
We provide training for the development team, tackling the development requirements, how-tos and best practices when implementing DWX.
We care about your success. DWX is a care-free solution where you'll be always provided with latest code version and maintenance.

Same DWX. Many industries


Whether it is a data aggregation platform or a user-generated content site, DWX fits the necessities of a dynamic platform, leveraging your SEO potential.


Increase product discovery with our solution for brands, retailers and manufacturers, while increasing the traffic potential of your overall site.


Index what it matters and engage with what your customer needs, with the most efficient way to leverage resources to gain traffic.


Find the perfect way to boost the user information flow, allowing content to be an asset on the user entertainment at your site.